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A Different Perspective
March 21, 2006, 11:32 pm
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I used to dislike Lee Kuan Yew. Only him, nothing to do with Singapore. Why? Because he had used the independence of Malaysia to get his own (and left us behind. XD). Get what I mean? After these Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun V. T. Sambathan (I had tried so hard to remember his name…) gained the independence from the British and two years later, Lee tried to get his own for Singapore.

Just finished watching the documentary on Discovery Channel titled “History of Singapore: An Accidental Nation” and realised stories told by the elders are not necessary true and that includes our Sejarah textbook as well…

Tunku Abdul Rahman mooted the idea of forming “Malaysia” with a merger of Singapore, Sarawak, North Borneo (Sabah) and Brunei. Somehow, I don’t understand why Indonesia and Philliphines were against the idea. None of their business. Anyway, Sultan of Brunei liked the idea but not his people who staged an armed revolt. On Singapore side, Lee Kuan Yew supported the merger too but his opponents (the Singaporean Socialist Front) strongly opposed it. Anyhow, Malaysia was formed on August 31, 1963 which consisted of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.

Now, this is the interesting part. After the merger, Lee from being the first became second after Tunku (Prime Minister of Malaysia). Minor problem. Then one day, Tunku visited a tyre factory and saw how hardworking those Chinese workers were and started to worries about his people back in the Peninsular. Before Malaysia, 70% of the total Singapre’s population were Chinese. After the merger, Tunku started to worried that Malays will soon become a minority in the country. Then he proposed and drafted a constitution for Malaysia which included the privileges of the Malays or Bumiputras.

At the time of independence in 1957, the Malays were 55% of the population, the Chinese 35% and the Indians 10%. This equation was upset by the inclusion of Singapore, which increased the Chinese proportion to close to 40%.

After that, there was a race riot between the Chinese and the Malays which provoked Tunku to demand that Singapore to withdraw from Malaysia. Parties argued among parties, this party challenged that party and soon Tunku called for a vote to expel Singapore from Malaysia. Lee Kuan Yew tried many attempts to keep Singapore in the union but on August 9, 1965, the Parliament of Malaysia voted 126-0. On that day, a tearful Lee Kuan Yew, announced that Singapore was a sovereign, independent nation and assumed the role of prime minister of the new nation. In his speech, he also said:

For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life, I have believed in merger and unity of the two territories.

There was a few minutes of silence as he was trying to get hold of himself, wiping tears.

Anyway, Singaporeans are very fortunate that Lee Kuan Yew did not insist any more to stay in the union. Otherwise, Singapore will not be the Singapore as today.

Above entry does not carry any mean of racist elements or whatsoever. It’s a part of the history. XD


TMNut’s Technicals Just Don’t Like To Listen..
March 21, 2006, 6:50 pm
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Since the first day I had my Streamyx (a.k.a. Screamyx), I had made countless of complaint calls to their Technical. I’m paying RM 88 for a 300+ kilobits per second of download. We don’t need a calculator to realised that I’m overpaying for the service I’m getting. Just for your information to those who don’t know; RM 77/66/44 (USD 21/18/12) for 512 kbps, RM 20+ (USD 5.50+) for 384 kbps. RM 44 with first 60 hours of usage, additional usage at 1 cents per minute afterward and RM 20 for first 10 hours and 5 cents per minute. What the fxck@? I’m supposed to get 1024 kbps of download. I don’t mind if you give me less than that but 300 kbps?!?!?

Well, that was August last year. Recently, I noticed my downloads are crawling instead of usual “jogging” (our broadband’s not yet a “sprinting” or “running” yet, mind you!). Just an hour ago, I’ve made a call (again?) to them, reporting this. After those previous countless of calls, I’m smarter. Did every troubleshooting that they might ask me to do. After that, as usual, gave this girl my ID, name, phone number, etc. then tell her my problem. Just before she ask me about the troubleshooting, I quickly shoot, “I’ve done all the necessary troubleshooting” and she thought I was bluffing her! “What troubleshooting that you did?” Told her loh.. Off modem, unplug cable, power, plug it back, switch on then make a direct connection.


I’m so, so, so pissed off but I felt like laughing.. XD

She directed to Start > Control Panel > bla, bla, bla to make a new manual dialer. I told her that I already had one and she just continued, “Choose the first one, click Next…”

Bleh~ I just followed lah. Malas..

30 minutes later, after all those ridiculous and she-thought-I-don’t-know troubleshooting, the most exciting part………………………… I’m still getting 340 kbps of download! I really wanna LOL~

See, told you.. They just don’t like to listen…

Haih~ God bless..

March 20, 2006, 10:41 pm
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I’m happy but I’m sad as well.. why?

Sad first, my best friend who goes to this MCSE class together with me.. took a week medical leave for a minor-but-not-so-minor surgery on last Saturday. This is her second surgery though. So, kinda worry. Went to visit her at Assunta Hospital. At least she looks better than last time, a little more energetic.

No one’s gonna talk to me for a week in class!

Happy, you asked? I’m happy because I can use her PC along with mine!! Muahahahaha XD

Anyway, wish her get well ASAP~

Pemandu Cacat.. Speeding?!
March 15, 2006, 10:27 am
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This was the most unbelievable things I’ve ever see!!

This morning, I was on my way to Mid Valley through LDP and Kerinchi Link. After the Penchala toll, I saw a old-version Kancil “kissing” my car’s backside (Hoho!). I just let him through lah. There is a kinda big corner in front. I just said to myself, “See how you’re going to make that turn, drive so fast.. want to take number izzit?” Lol.. Anyway, to my surprise, there is a something printed on the backside of that Kancil..

Careful (or Beware?)! Handicapped Driver.

Read: Careful, Handicapped Driver.

He was kinda fast, so I tried to tag along just to know how fast he was driving. Oh, by the way, I had no idea whether the driver’s a HE or a SHE but let’s assume a HE. Back to the story. Unable to catch up with him because he was driving like a snake and since it’s a small car, he can just slide in and out between three (!!!) lanes just in near 1 Utama. Anyway, I guess he was driving at least 100 kmph!

Hmm.. maybe he’s not handicapped at all and driving a car of someone handicapped?!! Wakarimasen~~

March 13, 2006, 10:02 pm
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I’ve found a place to eat Japanese food (fast one) better than Sushi King or Genki. More high-tech somemore. XDAccidentally bumped into this Japanese restaurant, what they’ve called it but I rather call it a sushi restaurant instead, while on the way to RedBox@The Curve. Since we were so hungry then, so we decided to hop in and try. What it attracted me was.. a monitor at every table for order-taking. Darn, so high-tech! It has an ambient environment, comfortable lightning, not like Sushi or Genki where the lightings are hotter than my hot green tea!

Pricing, you ask? Hmm, somewhere around Sushi/Genki range. It has those seat-for-2 around the “kaiten” instead of single seats around the belt. Go and try it yourself! XD

teriyaki chicken ramen

My Teriyaki Chicken Ramen.. standard look, I guess..

teriyaki chicken donburi

Friend’s Teriyaki Chicker Donburi.. another standard looking dish..

The interesting part where other Japanese restaurants don’t have (which I think so).. *tah-dah* online ordering!

Each table has a sleek HP LCD TFT monitor and a mouse.. XD

Breakfast@Kim Gary. Wanna Know?
March 13, 2006, 3:19 pm
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Lol~ Wait till I get back home and I’ll let you know..

*suspense.. suspense* XD


They actually gave me half more beans than what I had the other day. So, totaled up only 5½ beans! And it’s not RM 5.90 but RM 6.90!!

Damn stingy..

Get A Paid WebHost?
March 13, 2006, 2:33 am
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Been planning this for a long, long time. Of course, if I do so, there’d be an address change, lol~ Sorry for the trouble but these free blog hosts has a lot of limitations. At least if I had one, I can do whatever I want to. Haha.

Found a suitable host but I still haven’t work out the feasibility yet. Haha. Lol, get a host also need to do feasibilty?!?

*toot toot toot toot*
*toot toot toot toot*
*toot toot toot toot*




Calculator exploded! (duh!) =.=”

Hell with it! Time for bed. Damn, starting to get Monday-phobia! Aiks, it HAS already started! God, please help me! Calculator exploded and Monday’s here!

Lol, it is really my time to go to bed. Calculator and Monday are totally unrelated. zzZZzzZzZZzzzzzZZZzZ

SizzZZZzzZgnizZzZzZng OffzZzZZZ,